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Hocking Hills Inn, Suite Rental Policies


Cancellations received more than 14 days in advance of your scheduled arrival day will receive a refund of amount paid (if any). Cancellations within 14 days or less of your scheduled arrival will NOT receive a refund. However, you may use 50% of these funds for future available dates booked within one year. Change in arrival and/or departure date(s) can be considered a cancellation at the discretion of Hocking Hills Inn. Original booking price will not be reduced if fewer people show up at check-in time. NO REFUNDS will be given for cancellations due to inclement weather,early departures, medical issues, or for loss of electricity, water, or other services that are out of our control. (ie. “Acts of God” / Mother-Nature). The only exception to our refund policy would be for a State-wide travel ban due to a medical/health crisis in which we will refund 50% of these funds minus credit card processing fee or apply 50 % for future available dates booked within one year . We encourage all guests to purchase travel insurance to protect your trip. We also recommend a 4-wheel drive or AWD vehicle during the winter season.
All cancellations prior to 14 days of scheduled stay must pay a service charge of $50. Cancellations within 14 days of scheduled stay forfeit total of the reservation and or deposit if one was required. No cancellations or refunds due to inclement weather. Any changes made to a reservation after processing will incur a $50 processing fee. No‐shows are considered cancellations. We adhere to a strict cancellation policy.


Check‐in is 3:00pm. If you are going to check in later then 6:00pm, please let us know. No Arrivals after 8:00pm.CHECK‐OUT:Check out is 11 AM. You will be billed at $25 per half hour if not vacated by 11AM. Any guest not checked out by 12pm will be charged for an extra day. Occasionally, if done the day before your departure, you can make arrangements for a later check out for a modest additional cost.


A keyless entry system with a personal code will be in use during your stay.


You must be 21 years or older to rent any of our rooms. Persons of the rental age or older are not permitted to make reservations on behalf of younger guests. Proof of age may be required at check‐in. Renter must be present. Please Note: we do not allow pets in our rooms. Inn quiet time between 11:00pm through 7:00am.


All our rates are based on two‐person occupancy. In those rooms that allow for more guests, additional guests are $15 per night. Please limit the number of guests to the maximum occupancy of the room and to the number of paid guests included in your reservation. All persons, including children, are counted toward the maximum occupancy of a room. If extra guests are found, you will be charged for any additional guests not registered and you may be asked to leave without refund should you exceed the maximum occupancy of the room. Note: Additional beds can be made available. RATES:Our rates are based upon two‐person occupancy. Cleaning fee $25PAYMENTS:Full Payment and damage deposit is required when reservation is made. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Credit card ONLY, no cash or checks accepted for reservations.


Appliances, electric fireplaces, etc. can malfunction. Any "Act of God" beyond our control is non‐refundable. Unknown construction or road noise near our properties is beyond our control. If you experience noise during your stay, no refunds or relocation will be made. If a guest is disappointed or unsatisfied with a room due to differences in taste according to décor, accommodations, location, etc. and declines to stay in the room, this will be considered a cancellation and no refund will be issued. No refunds will be made in the event a person is required to vacate the premises because of disruptive conduct or failure to follow our rental guidelines and policies. Note: A 10% “construction discount” may apply should construction occur on/to the actual premises during your stay.


Please consult a physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of Jacuzzi style tubs. We are not responsible for any jewelry or clothing damage if worn in the jacuzzi.


We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any damages or excessive cleaning as a result of your stay. If you notice any problems upon checking in, please let us know right away to avoid any damages being charged to your account.


Smoking is not allowed inside our rooms or the INN. Smoking will result in a charge to credit card on file for enlisting a professional company to professionally cleanse interior of tobacco product smell. You are more than welcome to smoke outside. Please do not throw or put cigarettes on the ground. To be clear: Smoking in room will result in a minimum $250 charge to the card on file. No exceptions.


Please DO NOT move any furniture or appliances. If you move furniture or appliances you may be charged additional fees. Please make us aware of anything not working in the rooms upon your arrival. BUGS:While we have thoroughly cleaned our rooms for such creatures it is possible that you will see bugs during your stay. We are not able to refund your reservation if you see bugs, spiders, etc., during your stay. If BEDBUGS result from your stay you will be charge the cost of professional treatment determined by a professional pest control company. ELECTRIC BASEBOARD HEATERS/AIR CONDITIONING:Please turn off Electric Heaters/Fireplaces before leaving. Do not put any paper, clothing or linens near heaters as they can get very hot and could result in a fire.


Discharging firearms is prohibited on premises. Our rooms are located near thousands of acres of Wayne National Forest that you are welcome to hunt with appropriate license.


Every illegal substance is prohibited on premises.



Properties have a septic system. DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN TOILETS OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER, NO PAPER TOWELS, HANDWIPES, DIAPERS or FEMININE SANITARY PRODUCTS. If the system becomes clogged the credit card on file will be charged.


Unless prior written consent is obtained from Owner or its agent, Renter and its guests are prohibited from publicly disseminating through any means, any video or photographic broadcast or reproductions of the property or Renter’s and guest’s activities while on the property. Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Owner and its agents from any claims, liability, expenses or damages relating to any such broadcast or reproduction.


Please note that this Property is protected by 24 Hour Video Surveillance. Any attempt to disrupt or disable the Surveillance is punishable by law.


Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for any accidents, injury or damage that may result in or about the premises, to persons or property (including those of Renter's guests), and that the Owner and its agents shall not be held liable, or responsible for such injury, accident, or damage. The Owner or agent shall not be responsible for injury or accident occurring on the property and renter agrees to hold the Owner/agent harmless from any and all claims and liability of any nature which may arise by reason of the use of these facilities.Renter assumes the risk involved with the use of jacuzzi (if provided) and any all other rental facilities and agrees to save harmless and indemnify the Owner and its agents from any and all claims and liability of any nature which may arise by reason of the use of the same renter or others using the same during renter’s occupancy. Renter assumes responsibility of all guests during the reservation time. Renter shall be held liable for repair of all damages/misuse of the facilities. Owners will assume no responsibility for loss or damage to guest personal effects, or injury during the rental period. Upon request, guest’s personal items left at property will be mailed to guest at a charge of $10.00 plus shipping. Items left longer than 30 days will be discarded by owners. Upon check‐out, any vehicles left on property will be towed off property and charged to credit card on file. Check‐out/General Housekeeping – See Check‐Out / General Housekeeping Policy

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE RULES AND POLICIES AS NEEDED. THE RULES AND POLICES IN OUR ROOMS ARE NOT AS DETAILED AS THE RULES AND POLICIES SHOWN IN THIS DOCUMENT. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PRINT, READ AND AGREE TO THE RULES AND POLICIES IN THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE MAKING A RESERVATION. Your verbal authorization at time of reservation, making an online reservation, payment of money and/or taking possession of the property is evidence of your acceptance of our policies and your intent to use the property as a rental. By staying with us you agree to and will abide by the rules and or policies put forth in this document, You have certified that you are at least 21 years of age and that you will be held responsible for the care of the property being rented under my name. You accept full responsibility for the damage or extra cleaning charge assessed during or those discovered after departure from the above rental. You authorize these charges to be debited from your credit card.

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